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Process Art Box (PAB)


*Process Art:

Art that celebrates the experience of discovery.

Art that is about making and doing, 

rather than the finished product.

For 2 - 8 year olds


Creating is an essential part of every child's being.

Your *Process Easter Art Box is not about the end product.

It's the about the exciting journey of making that leads us to that end result.

This box gives your child the tools to spark their creativity.


Let your child transform their box into a magical woodland Easter theme.


You can create:

- painted blossom hand trees

- clay nest with clay eggs

- Easter feathered chick

- Bunny with moving legs & arms

- Spring bunting to frame your box

- fluffy clouds

- grow real grass!

...and anything else where your imagination will take you!

PLUS You will also receive an email with YouTube links to video tutorials from The Art House with ideas and how to make things like cherry blossom trees, clay baskets and chickens and more! 


All in ONE Box! Only £15 




(What's included:  scissors, glue, paints, paintbrush, clay and much more!)

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