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Founder- Geeta Bhana

about The Art House

The Art House is run by Geeta Bhana from her studio in Horsell Village, Woking, Surrey.

She created this inspiring art school in 2017 for the love of trying to make learning about art accessible to children and adults using her Fine Arts honours degree - majoring in History of Art and Sculpture in multiple mediums and disciplines. 


After gaining experience in the curatorial world with curating the Unity Series in Davos, Switzerland with the Touch of Mandela company in South Africa, Geeta moved to London and pursued a career in gallery management and then owning her own gallery. 


Using her understanding of fundamental and advanced art techniques she is able to employ a unique approach to her teaching, where the student is free to express their ideas and is both supported and challenged along their creative journey. 


“I want to change peoples perceptions and break down those barriers by showing adults and children that anyone can be creative if they are just shown a little guidance and patience".


Little Artists facilitator- Kay Yung

Kay first came to The Art House as a parent of a Little Artist.  Both Kay and her daughter had such a good time that Kay has come back to do more. 


Kay is a commercial lawyer who enjoys making art whenever she can.  For the last decade or so, her main media was cake!  She got into making novelty cakes and won bronze awards over 3 consecutive years in the Sculpted Novelty Cake category at Cake International London.  She's used her enthusiasm for art to do charity work as a volunteer at The Big Draw and still designs activity fliers for Kidz Klub, a charity based in Coventry.


Now a mother of two young children, Kay enjoys making art both for and with her children.  There is almost always a creative project in the works with her children to help encourage them to learn through art and about art, bring out their imagination and just have fun!

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